Active WildFire Data To Avert Disasters On Time

Use Ambee's active wild fire data to warn your customers of critical dangers and avoid loss to property and life, especially in wildfire-prone areas.

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Now live–Ambee’s Climate Intelligence Platform to track and plan around real-time forest fires

Ambee's new Climate Intelligence Platform allows you to track real-time wildfire behavior in the United States and Canada, as well as weather and air quality parameters, all in one easily accessible dashboard. Get timely alerts and make the right call.

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Acres impacted annually in the US due to wildfires

ambee wildfire data


Increase in extreme wildfires estimated by the UN by 2050

ambee forestfire data


Total loss caused by active fires in the US alone

what makes Ambee data unique

Assess Risks. Think Solutions.

Fire Data Solutions
global forestfire data

Global Coverage

Hyperlocal forest fire data from 150+ countries and growing

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Superior Accuracy

Data aggregated and analyzed from multiple sources, including proprietary Ambee data, to maximize accuracy

real time forestfire data

Real-time Data

Precise forest fire data when you need it, wherever you need it

realtime wildfire api

Easy Integration

Developer-friendly Wildfire APIs that are easy to integrate into any program, platform, or product

forest fire dataset

Detailed Insights

Reliable insights into time, location of bush fire with hourly updates.

Forest fire Alert system

International Compliance

Globally valid data that follows USEPA standards


What people are saying about us

We must understand the environmental changes and act upon them in the right way. Ambee keeps us in tune with our environment and is key to creating better outcomes for people.

Vipul Parmar
Global Head of Data Management, WPP

We monitor the impacts of AQ on the health outcomes of asthma and COPD patients. Ambee gives great access to hyperlocal data to help us monitor acute respiratory health events.

Luke Marshall
CEO, and Founder, VitalFlo

Solving climate change requires collaboration across industries. Hence, Razor partnered with Ambee to make reliable real-time and accurate data available to the blockchain.

Hrishikesh Huilgolkar
CEO, Razor Oracle Network

We tried out Ambee’s Weather and Pollen API for our healthcare app. The data was accurate and valuable, and the team was really supportive. I would recommend working with them.

Kunal Kishore Dhawan
Co-founder, and CEO, Navia Life Care

The PACE team is thrilled to be working with partners like Ambee, who bring a fresh perspective to our work and ensure that the PACE mission will provide societal benefit.

Lorraine Remer
Atmospheric Scientist, University of Maryland Baltimore County

The display systems, sensor devices, & data on cloud services truly show why they are the pioneers in the market. The process, too, was easy—incredible work by team Ambee.

V Chandeeswra G
Sr Manager, Brigade

It has helped Adylic showcase the power of utilizing API in personalizing ads. In this case, we were able to target users' needs at the right time based on the user's location.

Stefanie Wong
DCO Specialist, Adylic
what you can do

Turn Active Fire Data Into Actionable Insights

Enhance Customer Experience

Help your customers stay safe with real-time forest fire alerts

Optimize Fire Management

Locate, map, and track active wildfire areas and notify users to avoid high-risk zones

Evaluate Risk

Assess risk for insurance claims and coverage based on exact fire datasets

Improve Healthcare

Keep track of smoke and air quality for public health and safety measures

Data Redefined Through Proprietary Technology

Collected IconCollected Icon


We harness the power of on-ground sensors, remote satellite imagery, and a global proprietary sensor network to get credible data from multiple sources.

Analyzed IconAnalyzed Icon


Our proprietary models measure, process, and analyze data from over a dozen sources, processing many terabytes of data every day for an accurate result.

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Real-time, hyperlocal - 1x1 km grid - environmental data is easy to consume through API calls, or on a customized dashboard.

FEATUREs of forest fire API

Get Active WildFire Data Globally At Record Speed

100 free wildfire API records/day
No geographical or tiered limitations
Hyperlocal and global Wildfire data
Wildfire Data Response Paramaters
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Case Study

Forest Fire Data Past HistoryPast History Forest Fire Data

Insights from the Past to Protect the Future

Ambee’s extensive historical forest fire data can help you gain crucial insights on environmental triggers from the past, to plan ahead for the future. Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How wildfire data are collected?

Wildfire data is collected from different on-ground sensors and earth observation satellites.

Advantages of Ambee's fire API over others?

Ambee's forest fire dataset is available in near real-time and at high spatial resolution.

Who can use fire data?

Fire datasets can be used by anyone from disaster planning to construction.

What is forest fire data?

Forest fire data is the bundle of information that can be used to identify active forest fires across the globe.

Does API provides real time forest fire data ?

The forest fire API provides near real-time forest fire data across the globe.