Inform your customers on the air they breathe with our proprietary air quality data to take preventive measures

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air quality data
air quality data

Safeguard yourself from air pollution today.

Polluted air affects planetary well-being with disruption to our ecosystem and various health risks. Air pollution monitoring helps identify pollution-dense areas and regulate air quality. This makes air quality monitoring very important.

Poor air quality levels can aggravate respiratory ailments, wheezing, lowers immunity, fatigue and much more. Air pollution is also a key contributor to global warming and climate change.
1 in 8
deaths worldwide are linked to air pollution
losses occur due to air pollution worldwide
of Americans live in bad air quality
Join us and be a part of the solution

Help your customers make informed decisions to prevent air pollution-related health risks and global warming by integrating our A.I. powered, hyperlocal, real-time air quality API.


Integrate Ambee's air quality API in your app and give your users a way to stay informed of their surrounding air quality levels.


Using real-time air quality data, let your users be aware of the air quality at all times.


Inform your users of the dynamic increase in air pollution and advise them on the safe places to go for a run, safer routes to work, or even to walk their dog.


Providing useful information will not only increase user engagement of your application but also will keep your users hooked.

Choose quality over quantity.

Ambee aggregates air quality data from multiple sources combining on-ground sensors, satellite imagery and statistical inference to ensure accuracy and availability of the highest order.

Global Coverage

Ample data coverage across the world with new countries being added every week.

Data Accuracy

Data validation is prioritized to ensure accurate data delivery with a comprehensive view into different air pollutants

Quick Response

When called upon, Ambee's Air Quality API delivers real-time data quickly for a frictionless and user-friendly experience.

Detailed Report

Ambee's Air Quality API reports on the air pollution levels with a detailed view of CO, PM2.5, PM10, O3 and more.

Real-Time Data

Raw air quality data is made available in real-time for the user location.

Easy to Integrate

Ambee's air quality API is developer-friendly and easy to integrate into any program, application or product.
The World Allergy Organization claims that currently 10-30% of adults and 40% of children across the world are affected by allergies symptoms and allergic rhinitis / hay fever.

Start empowering your audience today with their environmental data for free.

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Accurate Historical Air Quality Data For 90+ Countries

Air pollution is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, and we can help you tackle this with the most accurate, high-resolution historical air quality data. Unlock access to 30+ years of air quality data, with multiple parameters such as AQI, PM, and other criteria air pollutants. This data is collected from thousands of sources and processed in proprietary AI algorithms to present scientifically validated data that helps climate-proof your decisions. 
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Ambee ranks amongst YourStory's 'Top 50 Disruptive Startups' based on environment intelligence innovation through real-time information and hyperlocal air quality with EPA-benchmarked sensors.
Recognizing Ambee as Top 50 Disruptive Startups in India

Learn how Industries are using Ambee’s Environmental Intelligence Data.


Knowing outdoor air quality can help prevent related health risks

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