Ambee Webhooks: Your Gateway to Instant Climate Insights and Alerts

Ambee Webhooks is a push-based data delivery platform designed to provide real-time climate data via webhooks alerts or data dumps. Elevate your data game with Ambee Webhooks, the ultimate real-time climate data solution.

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Real-Time Alerts

Ambee Webhook Alerts is a feature facilitated through a sophisticated webhook-based alert delivery system. This mechanism is designed to promptly notify users when conditions are met, such as shifts in air quality parameters. The platform will initiate real-time alerts by sending immediate notifications to users at their designated endpoints. 

Receive timely and valuable information to take swift and informed actions in response to changing environmental circumstances.

Automated Data Dumps

Data dumps on Ambee Webhook allow users to generate and transfer comprehensive sets of environmental data to their designated cloud storage. This functionality integrates with well-known cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3, Google GCP Cloud, and FTP servers. The data dumps will be in a compatible format, facilitating effortless access and analysis.

Efficiently store and utilize environmental data for further analysis, insights, and decision-making.
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Automate Data Delivery Through Ambee Webhooks

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Accurate Environmental Data Alerts and Updates

Get instant alerts and updates on real-time air quality, pollen levels, and weather conditions for any location you desire.

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Customizable Webhook Alerts

Receive timely and relevant alerts tailored to your specific requirements on specific environmental parameters.

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Cloud-Based Data Dumps

Dump bulk environmental data across multiple locations, parameters, and timeframes via cloud-based technology.

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Flexible Parameters

From selecting specific data points or parameters to choosing the frequency of updates, configure your data dumps according to your needs.

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Seamless Integration and Easy Setup

Facilitate smooth integration through step-by-step instructions on product documentation.


Powered By Ambee’s Time-Tested APIs:

Air Quality API

Pollen API

Weather API


Receive Environmental Alerts That Empower Actionable Insights

Health and Safety Monitoring Applications

Use real-time air quality alerts to notify customers with health ailments when air quality or pollen levels drop to hazardous levels.

Emergency Response and Disaster Management

Integrate real-time alerts or data into emergency notification systems to inform individuals about rapidly changing environmental conditions and potential risks.

Environmental Research and Analysis

Collect and store comprehensive environmental data sets using data dumps for later analysis and research.

Logistics and Transportation

Receive environmental alerts to optimize transportation routes, schedules, and safety measures.

Get Ambee. Take Action To Protect Your Loved Ones

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