Just take a deep breathe.

One breathe at a time.

Our mission is to help you
breathe clean air

Everyone has the right
to breathe clean air

Creating a more liveable, breathe-able, healthy & a flourishing world.

Our Mission

We built Ambee at an IoT hackathon, at Amazon Development center in Bangalore.

What we do at Ambee

Every year, across every border on this planet, air pollution causes more than 7 million premature deaths. The magnitude of the problem should inspire sweeping change, but it doesn’t.

Every new pollution peak causes new outrage, promptly extinguished into inaction as the news cycle rolls ahead. We care and hope for change, but feel ill-equipped to face a challenge too complex, bigger than us, like it should be a problem for another person or another time.

We see an information problem, we are solving that.

We see that with the right information at the right time, wisdom can take over panic. And when wisdom has the upper hand, the urgency of the problem can be channeled into imagining solutions rather than endings.iv block.
" We must realize—and act on the realization—that if we try to focus on everything, we focus on nothing. "

John Doerr
Chairman, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Ambee was born out of a real life story

Maddy & team winning the hackathon for the first prototype of Ambee prototype
We built Ambee at a IoT hackathon, at Amazon Development center in Bangalore. We won the hackathon, but little did we know that our lives were about to change.

The first Ambee prototype was built using LinkitOne Grove starter Kit and MediaTek on an Arduino board. These had edge computing, realtime data aggregation and visualization on a dashboard with a app prototype improving experiential living right during the hackathon, way, way ahead of everyone else. Ambee, then, went on to help save real-lives of children who were affected by Air Pollution.
We look forward to build on top of the data & relationships so we co-innovate & build a better world for the future generations.
Team Ambee in techstars event standing in the stage
"It’s an imperfect world but it’s the only one we got."

Tony Stark (a) Iron Man

Power of "We"

We value cross-team collaboration and diversity of thought, culture and skills that matter. There's always an opportunity to learn from each other outside of day-to-day work, whether it's company-wide offsites, product development, or co-worker meetups.

Going to be market leaders soon as we take on this massive global problem of air pollution & climate change because of it. Join us and help this world be a better world.
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Team Ambee in Launchpad event standing in the stageTeam Ambee in Launchpad event standing in the stage
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