Just take a deep breath.

One breath at a time.

Our mission is to help you
breathe clean air

Everyone has the right
to breathe clean air

A healthier, cleaner, better, planet for everyone.

Our Mission

Ambee's mission is help people breathe clean air. We should live in a world where every breath you take is a fresh one. Instead, we live in a world where air pollution is the single largest killer, and gives us cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases. We realized this the hard way, and we're out to change things for everyone, for the better

What we do at Ambee

Ambee fuses the power of thousands of on-ground sensor data and hundreds of remote imagery from satellites. Our state-of-the-art AI and ML techniques with proprietary models analyze environmental factors such as air quality, soil, micro weather, pollen, and more to help millions worldwide say safe and protect themselves.
" We must realize—and act on the realization—that if we try to focus on everything, we focus on nothing. "

John Doerr
Chairman, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

A matter of life or death

Maddy & team winning the hackathon for the first prototype of Ambee prototype
We built the first Ambee product to save an infant's life. When doctors were at a loss to diagnose one of our own child, we harnessed the power of technology to understand what was going wrong.

Our prototype product saved the lives of multiple children, and won accolades from doctors.
We look forward to build on top of the data & relationships so we co-innovate & build a better world for the future generations.
Team Ambee in techstars event standing in the stage
"It’s an imperfect world but it’s the only one we got."

Tony Stark (a) Iron Man

Power of "We"

We come from all backgrounds, from dropouts to triple degrees. We look forward to what each individual brings to the table, including (especially!) their lunch.

Our biggest asset, as individuals, and as a team, is our undying curiosity - "Why? Is there a better way?" - and our singular focus on never giving up.

We love to sing in office (some of us, the others have headphones), and we have a particular fondness for really, really (really) bad jokes. We are proudly diverse in our thinking, and welcome everyone who wants to join our mission to beat the massive problems of climate change and air pollution. After all, how many of you can say you're actually saving the world?
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Team Ambee in Launchpad event standing in the stageTeam Ambee in Launchpad event standing in the stage
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