Where Work Means Directly Impacting Millions of People and the Planet Itself

Why work with ambee

Ambee is a team of highly skilled individuals working to turn data and technology into a beacon of hope for the planet. Our aim is to make data accessible for everyone to make educated and informed decisions on tackling the world’s most pressing problem - Climate change.

We have a staggering amount of work ahead. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to put environmental data within everyone’s reach while doing the most purpose-driven work of your career.


What Guides Us Everyday, In Everything We Do


Building a business on the foundation of honesty and integrity goes a long way in building trust with each other and with our stakeholders. We believe whatever we do should be in the best interest of the company and aligned with its overall vision and mission.


We live by the philosophy - ‘Be humble. When you get there, be more humble’. As we work towards saving the climate for the world, we strive to get there by being truthful, respectful, confident but never arrogant.

Equality and Inclusivity

Ambee team is truly diverse. We are eager to learn from each other and about each other’s cultures. We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. We strive for excellence and recognize that our differences make us stronger.

Transparency and Trust

Honesty, openness, accountability, and a straightforward attitude towards all business interactions are traits that have been woven into the organizational DNA. We look for the same core values in every new team member to ensure a trustworthy relationship with all internal and external stakeholders at all times.


We are a workplace built on the action of understanding, caring for each other within the team, and also for our external partners whether they are clients or people we work with every day. We value individuals who have compassion for others and truly show it.

Focus on Impact

We are always focussed on solving the problems that bring us closer to our larger vision - that of solving the challenge of climate change. We are deeply involved and self-motivated in our pursuit to achieve the highest impact.