Accurate, Measured, Hyperlocal Emission Data to Fight Climate Change

Ambee’s proprietary emissions data can help people, businesses, and governments be prepared to fight the climate crisis through actions backed by science.

ambee climate platform
ambee emissions platform
GHG emissions emitted from your factory is high.
It’s time to curate plans to reduce it.
emissions heatmap
The rising temperatures
around the world looks like this.
Start building for climate resiliency.

Hyperlocal Emission Measurements To Help See The Bigger Picture

With the ever-growing risk of climate change, businesses and communities need to adapt and innovate. Ambee offers precise global data on factors like CO2 emissions and air pollution to mitigate risks, make data-backed decisions and survive in a changing world.

ambee climate change data


Of the world’s greenhouse gas emission is from cities

ambee climate change platform


People will reside in urban areas by 2050 as per the UN

climate chnage issue


Cut in global economic output by 2050 due to climate change

what makes Ambee data unique

Proprietary Data and Analytics to Help You Derisk Better

global climate change data

Extensive Network of Sensors

Monitor emission levels on a larger yet more local scale and utilize data to build and verify derisking strategies

hyperlocal emissions data

City Wide Coverage

Hyperlocal, and accurate GHG emissions and environmental dataacross cities

real time climate change data

Scientifically Validated Accuracy

Data aggregated and analyzed from multiple sources, including proprietary Ambee data, to maximize accuracy

climate change api

Detailed Insights

Insights on zones with high-level emissions, time of occurrence, and daily and weekly average

ambee ESG data platform

Easy Visualization and Analytics

Visual representation(heatmap) to understand the locations in need of high-level monitoring and instant action

Businesses Globally That Trust Ambee’s Data

We must understand the environmental changes and act upon them in the right way. Ambee keeps us in tune with our environment and is key to creating better outcomes for people.

Global Head of Data Management, WPP

We monitor the impacts of AQ on the health outcomes of asthma and COPD patients. Ambee gives great access to hyperlocal data to help us monitor acute respiratory health events.

CEO, and Founder, VitalFlo

Solving climate change requires collaboration across industries. Hence, Razor partnered with Ambee to make reliable real-time and accurate data available to the blockchain.

CEO, Razor Oracle Network

We tried out Ambee’s Weather and Pollen API for our healthcare app. The data was accurate and valuable, and the team was really supportive. I would recommend working with them.

Co-founder, and CEO, Navia Life Care

The PACE team is thrilled to be working with partners like Ambee, who bring a fresh perspective to our work and ensure that the PACE mission will provide societal benefit.

Atmospheric Scientist, University of Maryland Baltimore County

The display systems, sensor devices, & data on cloud services truly show why they are the pioneers in the market. The process, too, was easy—incredible work by team Ambee.

Sr Manager, Brigade

It has helped Adylic showcase the power of utilizing API in personalizing ads. In this case, we were able to target users' needs at the right time based on the user's location.

DCO Specialist, Adylic
what you can do

Turn Emissions Data Into Actionable Insights

Accelerate Climate Action Efforts

Plug our weather API into your product and give your users a way to stay informed about current weather

Analyze Risks

Improve targeting, messaging, and ROI with data-driven weather insights

Develop Climate Resilience Strategies

Make smart decisions by developing strategies to strengthen asset resilience as asset managers

Improve Compliance Reporting

Make business compliance reporting easy with accurate, real-time data

Protect Health and Safety

Measure the emissions around you to build a safer environment for the public

Derisk Investments

Assess the risks of emissions on businesses and make informed investment and financial decisions

Data Redefined Through Proprietary Technology

Collected IconCollected Icon


We harness the power of on-ground sensors, remote satellite imagery, and a global proprietary sensor network to get credible data from multiple sources.

Analyzed IconAnalyzed Icon


Our proprietary models measure, process, and analyze data from over a dozen sources, processing many terabytes of data every day for an accurate result.

Delivered IconDelivered Icon


Real-time, hyperlocal - 1x1 km grid - environmental data is easy to consume through API calls, or on a customized dashboard.


AI-powered Proprietary Algorithms Working To Improve Planetary Health

Citywide emissions monitoring
Live Environmental Data - AQ, weather, and pollen
Live Data Analytics and Trends
Historical Data Graph
Ambee mockup
emissions dashboard