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Combining data from millions of on-ground sensors and satellite observatory data, Ambee brings you the world’s highest quality environmental information at your fingertips.

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Air around you maybe bad.
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Get An Instant Understanding of Your Immediate Surroundings

Is your allergy flaring up? Do you have a sinusitis infection? Do you feel unwell often? It might be due to the air you are breathing. Ambee’s app can help reduce or prevent health issues caused by particles in the air. Get real-time alerts and detailed insights on the air coming through your windows.

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Of the world’s population breathes air with high pollutant levels

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Premature deaths caused due to pollution globally

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Children affected by allergic diseases worldwide

Product Features

Terrabytes of Data Processed and Millions of Sensors Established Just to Help You Breathe Easy

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A complete overview of air quality and major pollutants with risk evaluation

real time air quality app

Pollen and pollen subspecies for 90+ locations, including an accurate 4-day future forecast

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Weather patterns with dynamic weather backgrounds and 7-day future forecast

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Customizable experience - save your favorite locations

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Personalized health recommendations so that you have a healthier day

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Product Features

Environmental Data to Change the Way You Live

Get instant environmental summary
Predict pollution and plan your commutes
Protect yourself and your loved ones from seasonal allergies
Plan outdoor activities at areas with better air quality
Forecast weather changes before important activities
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Get Ambee. Take Action To Protect Your Loved Ones

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