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Elevate your customer's agriculture and horticulture activities with our proprietary soil data for better crop yield

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Make better decisions with our real-time soil data today.

Farmers and horticulturalists rely on soil and weather to estimate crop growth through guesswork and experience with possible errors. Soil moisture and temperature dictate the type of biome present and the land suitability for growing crops.

Ambee's soil data gives actionable insights on soil conditions to make informed decisions for site validation, land planning, land management and irrigation. Our data provides an in-depth view of soil moisture and temperature. Crop health significantly depends on soil conditions and nutrients, among many other factors. This data helps determine crop sustainability and yield, enabling efficient crop production.
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Keep your customers informed on local soil conditions for better decision-making by integrating our A.I. powered, hyperlocal, real-time Soil API with GIS application.


Integrate Ambee’s soil API for any GIS application and keep your users informed of soil conditions dependant on dynamic weather conditions.


Use Ambee’s accurate soil data to help your users in better decision-making.


Inform your users of variable soil conditions depending on the weather conditions and advise them on the planting crops or even irrigation plans.


Providing useful information will not only increase user engagement of your application but also will keep your users hooked.

Choose quality over quantity.

Ambee aggregates soil data from multiple sources combining on-ground sensors, satellite imagery and statistical inference to ensure accuracy and availability of the highest order.

Global Coverage

Ample data coverage across the world with new countries being added every week.

Data Accuracy

Data validation is prioritised to ensure accurate data delivery with an in-depth view of the soil conditions.

Quick Response

When called upon, Ambee's Soil API delivers real-time data quickly for a frictionless and user-friendly experience.

Detailed Insight

Ambee's soil API gives actionable insights into soil conditions with soil moisture and temperature including regular seasonal updates throughout the year.

Real-Time Data

Raw pollen data is made available in real-time for the user location.

Easy to Integrate

Ambee's soil API is developer-friendly and easy to integrate into any program, application or product.
It takes our ecosystem 500 years to replace 25 millimeters (1 inch) of topsoil lost to erosion and degradation. The minimal soil depth for agricultural production is 150 millimeters. From this perspective, productive fertile soil is a nonrenewable, endangered ecosystem.

Start empowering your audience today with our environmental data for free.

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Transparent & logical approach to deriving Soil data

Ambee’s AI algorithms are based on machine learning and mathematical models. Ambee uses historic data analysis to validate and provide real-time, hyperlocal street level soil data. We model data based on many factors such as Vegetation Index, Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Pollen Seasons.
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Ambee is India’s low-cost AQI startup in the field of air quality monitoring and data science bringing APIs to the retail market. Health insurance companies and fitness apps are now using this data to keep their target audience informed.
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Recognizing Ambee as India’s Low-Cost AQI Startup with Accurate Real-Time Data Delivery

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Consumer Applications

Knowing the soil data helps yield better crop growth and sustainability with efficient land planning

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Knowing soil conditions aids research studies for better farming solutions

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Knowing soil and weather data can help improve crop production with optimal efficiency

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