Personalized Ads with Ambee Data Boost Sales of Bayer's Claritine by 59%

May 19, 2024
2 min read
Ambee Data Boost Bayer’s Claritine SaleAmbee Data Boost Bayer’s Claritine Sale

Air pollution has always been a pressing global issue, posing as one of the most significant risks to premature deaths worldwide. The Middle East and North African region, in particular, has experienced severe impacts of air pollution on both health and the economy.

Recognizing this, Bayer Egypt conducted observations revealing severely poor air quality in major Egyptian cities like Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria. The outcome showed that Cairo exceeds WHO recommendations by twelvefold, leading to nearly 2 million Egyptians requiring medical treatment for respiratory issues annually.

To raise awareness among Egyptians about the escalating pollution levels while simultaneously promoting their over-the-counter allergy relief medication, Claritine, Bayer partnered with Ambee.

Bayer required precise hyperlocal air quality data, offering insights into various pollutants and the air quality index. Ambee’s air quality data was the perfect fit for Bayer’s needs.

The results of this collaboration were remarkable, which included:

  • 59% increase in sales for Claritine in Egypt
  • 13% uplift in ad viewability
  • 40% month-on-month growth in search interest for Claritine

Learn about the details of Ambee’s partnership with Bayer and understand how Ambee’s data ensured that Bayer’s ads reached the relevant people at the right time.

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