How Brigade Increased Its Overall Employee Productivity & Workplace Wellness With Ambee

May 15, 2024
2 min read
brigade ambee case studybrigade ambee case study

Polluted air is a major threat to human health and a significant contributor to climate change. The presence of indoor air pollutants can alter the quality of life. Especially in a workplace, it can substantially reduce employees’ productivity and heighten the risk of lung diseases. Additionally, air pollutants from poor building maintenance, inadequate HVAC systems, and harmful construction materials should be dealt with immediately. One solution to help companies and building owners identify these problems is Ambee’s environmental & climate monitoring systems. It allows stakeholders to transition to net-zero buildings, manage viral transmissions via ventilation and take steps to reduce continuous exposure.

In partnership with Ambee, Brigade Group took the initiative to fight these problems and transition towards net-zero emissions. From implementing regular maintenance to solving the problem areas identified through monitoring, Brigade has now taken the step to create employee-friendly, fresh & anti-allergic workspaces. Read the case study to see how the duo worked together to get the result.

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