Ambee Helps Innovid Personalize Advertisements Using Pollen Data

May 19, 2024
2 min read
Ambee & Innovid Ambee & Innovid

Recently, Ambee partnered with Innovid, a leading global advertising platform, to reshape the landscape of dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology.

Innovid was looking for ways to enable personalized, effective ads for their clients. By recognizing the impact of seasonality and the environment, Innovid incorporated Ambee's environmental data to facilitate personalized ad experiences by leveraging real-time pollen levels as a key parameter.

Ambee’s solution came in the form of standardized, global pollen data, enabling hyper-localized ad campaigns at a global level.

Ambee’s solution for Innovid included:

  • Standardized risk levels: Ambee follows NAB-compliant risk levels for seamless integration into advertising strategies.
  • Global coverage: Ambee's data spans across various countries, ensuring campaigns are relevant globally.
  • Flexible querying: Ambee’s APIs allow queries using zip codes or latitude/longitude coordinates, providing targeted campaign flexibility.

Integrating Ambee's pollen data into Innovid's platform has empowered advertisers to create highly personalized, contextually relevant experiences for their audiences. The ability to tailor messages based on real-time environmental conditions has elevated campaign effectiveness, exceeding client expectations.

Understand how Ambee generated relevance in Innovid’s campaigns by dynamically adjusting the message based on the real-time environmental conditions in the target audience's location.

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