Increasing Customer Engagement and Maximizing Sales for Boots With Ambee’s Pollen API

September 22, 2023
2 min read
ambee casestudy boots ambee casestudy boots

About 10-30% of the global population are afflicted by allergic rhinitis or hay fever according to the World Allergy Organization. The situation is no different in the UK as well, which creates a massive demand for allergy-relief products and medication. 

To increase sales of their hay fever and allergy relief products and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, Boots looked to Ambee for hyperlocal pollen data. Their idea was to provide customers suffering from pollen allergies with pollen forecasts for their immediate location and engage with them through personalized discounts and offers. Incorporating Ambee’s data, they achieved that and much more.

Read in detail about how Ambee’s pollen count data helped Boots increase their customer engagement and maximize sales. 

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