ambee data for fmcg
ambee climate data for retail
Strong winds alert will be issued
in two days.
Stock up on windcheaters in brick
and mortar stores in the area.
ambee environmental data for retail sales
Reduce your carbon footprint
by decreasing your
factory run time by 0.5%

The Future of Consumer Sector Needs Profitability With Sustainability

Whether it is changing consumer behavior or the net-zero commitment of most companies of the world, timely and accurate climate and environment data can help industries, manufacturers and retailers make decisions good for the business, consumers and the planet.

ambee climate data for fmcg


Of consumers in last 5 years prefer companies with proven sustainability credentials to buy from

climate data  for retail sales


Invested in global ESG focused funds in 2021

environemntal data for retail sales


Employees plan to stay in jobs at climate conscious companies

DATA Features

Superior Quality Data, Backed By Science & Used By Fortune 500 Businesses Worldwide

hyperlocal climate data for retail
Granular and hyperlocal
accurate environemtnal data for retail
real time climate data for fmcg
Near Real-Time
global environmental data for fmcg
retail sales for fmcg
retail sector climate data
Fast & Friendly
climate data for demand forecast
Historical Data Forecast Data
environmental data for demand forecast data
Agile & Customizable

What people are saying about us

We must understand the environmental changes and act upon them in the right way. Ambee keeps us in tune with our environment and is key to creating better outcomes for people.

Vipul Parmar
Global Head of Data Management, WPP

We monitor the impacts of AQ on the health outcomes of asthma and COPD patients. Ambee gives great access to hyperlocal data to help us monitor acute respiratory health events.

Luke Marshall
CEO, and Founder, VitalFlo

Solving climate change requires collaboration across industries. Hence, Razor partnered with Ambee to make reliable real-time and accurate data available to the blockchain.

Hrishikesh Huilgolkar
CEO, Razor Oracle Network

We tried out Ambee’s Weather and Pollen API for our healthcare app. The data was accurate and valuable, and the team was really supportive. I would recommend working with them.

Kunal Kishore Dhawan
Co-founder, and CEO, Navia Life Care

The PACE team is thrilled to be working with partners like Ambee, who bring a fresh perspective to our work and ensure that the PACE mission will provide societal benefit.

Lorraine Remer
Atmospheric Scientist, University of Maryland Baltimore County

The display systems, sensor devices, & data on cloud services truly show why they are the pioneers in the market. The process, too, was easy—incredible work by team Ambee.

V Chandeeswra G
Sr Manager, Brigade

It has helped Adylic showcase the power of utilizing API in personalizing ads. In this case, we were able to target users' needs at the right time based on the user's location.

Stefanie Wong
DCO Specialist, Adylic

Discover Vulnerabilites. Find Opportunities. Boost Revenues.

Emissions Monitoring

Measure and understand carbon emissions and energy consumption, to optimize and implement sustainable best practices

Supply Chain Management

Get real-time visibility and advanced analytics to reduce losses and optimize supply chains


Use AI and machine learning models, for smarter analytics to extract insights and predict product sales and optimize prices

Boost Advertising & Marketing Efforts

Come up with intelligent and strategic advertisements and marketing ideas with facts and accurate data

Client Success stories

Ambee’s Environmental Intelligence At Work

GSK’s range of anti-allergic products uses Ambee’s Pollen API to help customers stay updated with the pollen in their area.
Juli finds and stays on the lookout for triggers and potential episodes to prevent health complications.
The digital health platform helps its patients get better treatments with environmental intelligence, clinical trial data, and behavioral science.
The global company uses Ambee’s data to run digital marketing campaigns for its pharmaceutical clients in the US, UK, and Australian markets.
A Dynamic Creative Optimization company that uses data for its digital creative strategy formulation for cities in Australia.
A Dynamic Content Platform that uses hyper-local pollen insights to run advertisements on digital billboards.