Air Quality Insights: Why Ambee’s Data Quality Is Superior

February 14, 2024
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Air Quality Insights: Why Ambee’s Data Quality Is SuperiorAir Quality Insights: Why Ambee’s Data Quality Is Superior
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Part 3: Why should you trust Ambee’s AQ data?

According to the World Health Organization, we’re all breathing subpar air, but with varying mix of pollutants. Now, when people are increasingly conscious of the lasting health impacts of poor air quality, the demand for innovative solutions is on the rise.

That’s why we need <> air quality monitoring - to make informed decisions. When the air quality improves, our lives get better too.

In the first two blogs, we showed you how Ambee measures air quality data and why you may spot different air quality readings.

  1. Air Quality Insights: Ambee’s Approach To Hyper-Local Air Quality Data
  2. Air Quality Insights: Why AQ Readings Vary and How Ambee Bridges the Gap

Now, let’s cut to the chase and show you what makes Ambee’s data so trustworthy.

The Ambee advantage

1. Transparency in sourcing

We source data from over 60 trustworthy providers, including environmental protection agencies, pollution control boards, and esteemed satellite sources such as ESA, NASA, and NOAA.

Our commitment to transparency means that we openly disclose our sources. We combine open-source air quality data with our proprietary models to deliver accurate real-time data.

2. Hybrid-model for precision

We paint a comprehensive picture of air quality by integrating information from on-ground monitoring stations and satellites. Plus, we throw in dynamic and static sources of pollutants - traffic index, population, vehicle density, road density, as well as industries, mines, power plants, and transport hubs.

Ambee's strength lies in its ability to fuse and analyze vast amounts of data from its other APIs - weather, natural disasters like wildfires, smoke plumes, and more.

Result: Higher-resolution data

3. Accuracy in missing data

In a spot where information might be scarce, our approach is simple and logical. We use techniques like moving average filling based on historical data, ensuring our guess is not random but rooted in patterns over time.

The nearest neighbors approach for geospatial estimation and calibration of satellite data to a 50km radius of a station further refines our data.

4. Anomaly detection

Yes, errors happen. Any sensor, be it low-cost or reference grade, can give anomalous readings from time to time due to various factors, including poor environmental conditions, edge cases, or sensor failure.

Our algorithms detect these anomalies, such as PM2.5>PM10 or negative pollutants. Once detected, we correct these anomalies to ensure the data you receive is accurate.

5. Real-time relevance

Air quality is a dynamic entity - it changes with time and place. Outdated information, even if accurate, is not helpful.

Imagine relying on AQI updated at 4 a.m. when you’re stuck in traffic during rush hours at 11 a.m. That’s precisely why Ambee updates its data hourly so that your information isn’t just accurate but up-to-date.

The significance of reliable air quality monitoring transcends from our everyday lives - like opting for cleaner routes or finding a better park to businesses making informed decisions.

For instance, healthcare facilities use air quality data to improve patient care while the hospitality industry uses it to enhance customer experience by ensuring their health and safety in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Likewise, urban planners in smart cities can use air quality insights to design sustainable and health-conscious cityscapes. On a global scale, the manufacturing sector can integrate air quality insights to optimize supply chains and more.

Discover the power of Ambee's air quality API and unlock new horizons for your business growth. With Ambee, you can now make a difference in the areas that matter the most - People, Planet, and Prosperity. So, why wait? Join the league of businesses that are making a positive impact today!

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