The Complete Guide to Ambee's Air Quality Technology

May 15, 2024
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The Complete Guide to Ambee's Air Quality TechnologyThe Complete Guide to Ambee's Air Quality Technology

In a world where air quality has become a matter of life and death, Ambee stands at the forefront of innovation and is dedicated to delivering hyper-localized and precise air quality data. Since our beginning in 2017, Ambee has embarked on a journey to transform the way we understand and combat air pollution, leveraging cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to accuracy.

Ever since, our air quality API has gone through significant advancements and has helped many organizations across the Fortune 500, serve the larger global community in breathing safer. 

Have a look at our partnership with juli and Wellthy to understand some of the applications of Ambee’s air quality API.

To build this kind of intelligence, we understood the limitations shown by the traditional AQ monitoring efforts and used scientific techniques to create our AQ pipeline. It combines cutting-edge data processing techniques, advanced algorithms, and innovative solutions to offer precise and actionable air quality insights.

Key aspects of Ambee's technology include data sourcing from over 60 satellite and station data sources, outlier treatment to ensure data accuracy, handling missing data through historical trend analysis and satellite calibration, and the integration of dynamic factors like fire events, smoke plumes, and weather parameters to enhance calibration models. These are essential points that help in understanding Ambee’s data better. 

On that note, we’ve created a complete and comprehensive guide covering everything you would want to know about Ambee’s air quality data. From A to Z. This guide covers multiple chapters and goes into extensive detail about Ambee AQ’s foundations, processes, accuracy, and some of the ways in which we’ve embedded this intelligence into our new innovations.

Download the guide below and get to know all about Ambee’s air quality data.

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