Download Historical Weather Data For Over 30+ Years

Get bulk hyper-local historical weather data for every point on the globe– collected, validated, and processed for insights that will transform the way you make business and climate strategies.

Download Bulk Historical Weather Data For Over 30+ Years

Get bulk hyper-local historical weather data for every point on the globe– collected, validated, and processed for insights that will transform the way you make business and climate strategies.

Access Historical Weather Data

Preserving the Past with Precision–Ambee’s Accuracy

Ambee’s historical weather data is powered by multiple sources, including on-ground stations, satellite data, and a global sensor network which is then processed through multiple rounds of scientific validation and algorithms to deliver rich and actionable insights. Our data is globally accepted and compliant with USEPA and NAB standards to ensure maximum credibility.

Turning Past Weather Data Into Actions For Tomorrow

Design solutions

Integrate past weather insights into your solutions to boost efficiency and become weather-proof.

Enrich marketing efforts

Optimize targeted marketing campaigns, increase the ROI with weather-based intelligence, and use insights from the past to plan appropriate messaging.

Recognize patterns and trends

Skim the past to correlate and recognize demand, sales, and demographic patterns to make data-backed decisions with confidence.

Eliminate operational risks

With historical data, you can predict the best route, avoid delays in delivery, and manage fuel consumption, all while minimizing weather risks.

Find Out How We Deliver High-Precision Data in Every Order

Ambee’s State-Of-The-Art Historical Weather Data Has Got It All

Highest resolution

Data output available in various spatiotemporal resolutions.

Global coverage

Get historical weather data for any point on Earth.

Highest quality datasets

Datasets with 20+ years of past weather data all the way from 1991.

Multiple parameters

Over 90+ parameters like temperature, wind gust, speed, humidity, UV Index etc.

Developer friendliness

Data available in multiple formats for ease and convenience.

Data-centric solutions. Business-centric results.

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Increasing Customer Engagement and Maximizing Sales for Boots With Ambee’s Pollen API

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Do You Have An Application In Mind?

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Real-Time Climate & Environmental Data is Just an API Call Away.

Get real-time, highly granular climate and environmental APIs to integrate with your application, understand your environment better, and build climate solutions at Ambee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is historical weather data, and why is it important?

Ambee’s historical weather data is a directory of weather intelligence collected from hundreds of sensors, including our own, from multiple satellites all the way from 1991 to date. Historical weather data is crucial for understanding past climate patterns, predicting future weather, and informing decisions in various fields such as agriculture, transportation, and construction. By analyzing long-term trends, one can gain insights into climate change and identify factors that influence it and make more accurate weather predictions.

How is historical weather data collected and analyzed?

Our historical weather data is curated from hundreds of Earth observatory satellites and sensor information from across the globe. These sources capture Earth’s behavioral, topographical data and satellite imagery in its raw form. The final insights delivered to users largely involve data that is further processed with machine learning and AI algorithms built from scratch.

How accurate is Ambee's historical weather data?

Ambee’s historical weather data is scientifically validated and trusted by industry experts across the Fortune 500 for accurate and actionable insights. Harnessed from multiple sources, including satellite imagery, on-ground sensors, and proprietary models–our data goes through extensive rounds of testing and validation before delivery, making it the industry standard in quality and efficiency.

What are some common uses of historical weather data?

Historical weather data can be used in various fields like climate research, agriculture, energy, transportation, insurance, and tourism for decision-making, risk assessment, and planning purposes. Some common use cases include trend analysis and demand forecasting, marketing, and supply chain management.

Can historical weather data be collected for a specific location?

Yes, Ambee’s historical data can be collected for any point on the globe ranging from several decades till the present day. By using data collected from multiple stations and satellites, you can get historical weather data for every lat-long you need.

Can historical weather data help with forecasting future weather patterns?

Historical weather data provides valuable information on how weather patterns have behaved in the past, which can be used to identify patterns and make predictions about future weather conditions. And so, historical weather data can help with forecasting future weather patterns. By analyzing historical weather patterns and trends, one can develop models and algorithms to predict future weather patterns with greater accuracy.