Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding API to Simplify Geographic Precision

Tap into precise location data with Ambee's Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding API. Locate coordinates, identify nearby places, and seamlessly weave geographic information into your tech solutions.

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding API
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accurate weather API
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Exemplify Your Business Outcomes Based On Location Intelligence

With millions of postal codes and geographical coordinates around the globe, it makes it difficult to streamline the process of location and navigation management. Ambee’s latest geocoding and reverse geocoding APIs help you make the best business decisions by simplifying the process of working with geographic names and coordinates.

Geocoding API: This API enables you to input a specific location name, such as a city, area, or postal code, and receive its corresponding accurate geographical coordinates in return. This is especially useful for users who prefer to work with recognizable location names rather than numerical coordinates.

Reverse Geocoding API: With reverse geocoding, you can input geographical coordinates, such as latitude and longitude, and obtain the names of nearby locations. This is particularly valuable for applications where you have coordinates but need to understand the corresponding places.

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Streamline Location Management With Our Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding Data

Location Management with Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding
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Global Coverage

Whether your data requirement is from New York City or Tokyo, our API provides extensive global coverage, ensuring that your geocoding & reverse geocoding needs are met. 

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Lightning-Fast Conversion

Our APIs are optimized for speed, ensuring you get real-time results without any lag. Instantly translate coordinates into detailed addresses or vice versa and help provide valuable context to your users.

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Easy Integration

Developer-friendly APIs that are easily integrated into any program, platform, or product.

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Scalable Infrastructure

Whether you have a handful of requests or thousands per second, our API is designed to handle your scalability needs with ease.


Amplify Business Possibilities With Ambee’s Location Services

Location Services to Amplify Business Growth

What people are saying about us

We must understand the environmental changes and act upon them in the right way. Ambee keeps us in tune with our environment and is key to creating better outcomes for people.

Vipul Parmar
Global Head of Data Management, WPP

We monitor the impacts of AQ on the health outcomes of asthma and COPD patients. Ambee gives great access to hyperlocal data to help us monitor acute respiratory health events.

Luke Marshall
CEO, and Founder, VitalFlo

Solving climate change requires collaboration across industries. Hence, Razor partnered with Ambee to make reliable real-time and accurate data available to the blockchain.

Hrishikesh Huilgolkar
CEO, Razor Oracle Network

We tried out Ambee’s Weather and Pollen API for our healthcare app. The data was accurate and valuable, and the team was really supportive. I would recommend working with them.

Kunal Kishore Dhawan
Co-founder, and CEO, Navia Life Care

The PACE team is thrilled to be working with partners like Ambee, who bring a fresh perspective to our work and ensure that the PACE mission will provide societal benefit.

Lorraine Remer
Atmospheric Scientist, University of Maryland Baltimore County

The display systems, sensor devices, & data on cloud services truly show why they are the pioneers in the market. The process, too, was easy—incredible work by team Ambee.

V Chandeeswra G
Sr Manager, Brigade

It has helped Adylic showcase the power of utilizing API in personalizing ads. In this case, we were able to target users' needs at the right time based on the user's location.

Stefanie Wong
DCO Specialist, Adylic
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Turn Active Fire Data Into Actionable Insights

Location-Based Services

Use geocoding API in your location-based services—ride-sharing apps, navigation apps, and food delivery service—and convert user-provided geocoding addresses or names into precise geographic coordinates for accurate routing and directions.

Customer Data Management

Utilize geocoding APIs to determine the geographical coordinates of customers’ addresses during the checkout process and enable accurate shipping cost calculation and delivery estimation.

Climate and Environmental Monitoring

Utilize reverse geocoding to translate coordinates from weather stations or monitoring devices into human-readable location names for reporting for better monitoring of climate events.

Location Analytics

Analyze the geographic distribution of their customers, sales, or service requests by converting coordinates into location names, helping them make informed business decisions.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Find the latitude and longitude coordinates of addresses and help delivery drivers navigate to their destinations efficiently.

Real Estate

Accurately display properties on a map and make it easier for users to search for homes or commercial spaces in a specific location.

Mobility Planning

Get better insights into commuting patterns and analyze traffic data to do infrastructure planning, reduce traffic congestion and speed up energy response.

Insurance and Risk Analytics

Use spatial data in portfolio risk models relating to extreme events and help insurers minimize their losses. Visualize policyholders on maps, overlay climate & disaster data, and automate the aggregation and assessment processes.

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Simplifying Complex Problems For The World’s Leading Companies

Hundreds of users - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - use Ambee everyday, finding sustainable solutions for their businesses and communities.

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Give Your Cause The Data It Deserves

Ambee’s environmental and climate APIs provide high-resolution, reliable, and measured data. The most accurate data is generated by combining the power of proprietary on-ground sensors, satellite imagery, and other sources. Utilize Ambee’s hyperlocal data to create valuable solutions for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Geocoding API?

A Geocoding API is a tool that transforms human-readable addresses or place names into precise geographic coordinates, usually latitude, and longitude. This technology is crucial for accurate mapping, location-based services, and geographic information systems (GIS).

What is Reverse Geocoding API?

Reverse Geocoding API operates in the opposite direction of Geocoding. It converts geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) into human-readable addresses, landmarks, or place names. This API is vital for mapping applications, navigation services, and location-based functionalities.

How to use Ambee’s Geocoding API?

To utilize Ambee’s Geocoding API, you can input a location's name, like a city, area, or postal code, and the API will provide accurate geographic coordinates in response. This enables you to integrate precise mapping and location-based services into your applications.

What are the benefits of Geocoding?

Geocoding offers several benefits, including accurate mapping, navigation, enhanced location-based services, and improved data analysis. It bridges the gap between human-readable locations and digital coordinates, facilitating seamless integration into applications.

What kind of information can be obtained from the Geocoding API?

The Geocoding API provides accurate geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) when you input a human-readable address like a city, area, or postal code. This information is essential for mapping applications, location-based services, and more.

How accurate is Ambee’s Geocoding API?

Ambee's Geocoding API offers accurate geographic coordinates for various global locations. This accuracy ensures that mapping applications and location-based services can reliably place markers on maps and provide precise information.

Are there any alternatives to the Google Geocoding API?

Yes, there are alternatives to the Google Geocoding API. Ambee’s Geocoding API is one such alternative that provides similar functionality, converting human-readable addresses into accurate geographic coordinates.