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Determine Hotspots and Improve Risk Mitigation Strategies In Earthquake Affected Areas

Earthquakes can have a wide range of effects—immediate and long-term—on the environment, infrastructure, and human populations. The severity of these effects depends on the magnitude, depth, and distance of these earthquakes. Real-time and historical earthquake information is crucial for designing resilient infrastructure, implementing effective preparedness and response measures, and developing strategies for mitigating the impact of future earthquakes. 

ambee fire data


detectable earthquakes occur in the world each year

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is the estimated cost of a major earthquake

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was the cost of the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake And Tsunami in Japan, the costliest ever

Assess Natural Disasters. Prepare For The Future.

Global Coverage

Hyperlocal data from 150+ countries and growing.

Superior Accuracy

Data is aggregated and analyzed from multiple sources, including proprietary Ambee data, to maximize accuracy.

Real-Time and Historical Data

Get real-time and historical earthquake data to improve outcomes.

Easy Integration

Developer-friendly earthquake API that is easily integrated into any program, platform, or product.

Detailed Insights

Reliable insights into earthquakes–severity, alert level, alert score, location, intensity, and more.

What people are saying about us

We must understand the environmental changes and act upon them in the right way. Ambee keeps us in tune with our environment and is key to creating better outcomes for people.

Vipul Parmar
Global Head of Data Management, WPP

We monitor the impacts of AQ on the health outcomes of asthma and COPD patients. Ambee gives great access to hyperlocal data to help us monitor acute respiratory health events.

Luke Marshall
CEO, and Founder, VitalFlo

Solving climate change requires collaboration across industries. Hence, Razor partnered with Ambee to make reliable real-time and accurate data available to the blockchain.

Hrishikesh Huilgolkar
CEO, Razor Oracle Network

We tried out Ambee’s Weather and Pollen API for our healthcare app. The data was accurate and valuable, and the team was really supportive. I would recommend working with them.

Kunal Kishore Dhawan
Co-founder, and CEO, Navia Life Care

The PACE team is thrilled to be working with partners like Ambee, who bring a fresh perspective to our work and ensure that the PACE mission will provide societal benefit.

Lorraine Remer
Atmospheric Scientist, University of Maryland Baltimore County

The display systems, sensor devices, & data on cloud services truly show why they are the pioneers in the market. The process, too, was easy—incredible work by team Ambee.

V Chandeeswra G
Sr Manager, Brigade

It has helped Adylic showcase the power of utilizing API in personalizing ads. In this case, we were able to target users' needs at the right time based on the user's location.

Stefanie Wong
DCO Specialist, Adylic
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Turn Earthquake Data Into Actionable Insights

Early Detection and Response

Detect earthquakes and plan and allocate resources effectively by monitoring and identifying the areas most affected.

Insurance Underwriting

Determine the likelihood of earthquakes occurring in a particular area, adjust premiums, and offer accurate coverage.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies

Assess earthquake-associated risks by analyzing this data and formulate risk mitigation strategies.

Infrastructure Planning and Resilience

Assess the vulnerability of existing infrastructure to earthquakes and construct more resilient buildings and infrastructure.

Ambee's Earthquake API: Sample Response

Ambee’s earthquake API provides information on global earthquakes down to severity, alert level, alert score, location, intensity, and more. This is how your sample response will look like when you make the API call:


Simplifying Complex Problems For The World’s Leading Companies

Hundreds of users - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - use Ambee everyday, finding sustainable solutions for their businesses and communities.

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Give Your Cause The Data It Deserves

Ambee’s environmental and climate APIs provide high-resolution, reliable, and measured data. The most accurate data is generated by combining the power of proprietary on-ground sensors, satellite imagery, and other sources. Utilize Ambee’s hyperlocal data to create valuable solutions for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is earthquake data?

Earthquake data refers to the collection and analysis of information related to seismic events, specifically earthquakes. It includes various parameters and measurements recorded during an earthquake, such as the location, magnitude, depth, and duration of the event.

How is earthquake data collected and measured?

Earthquake data collection and measurement involve a combination of sophisticated instruments, networks, and scientific methodologies. Seismologists and geophysicists utilize various techniques to gather accurate information about earthquakes.

How can I access earthquake data through an earthquake API?

To access earthquake data, simply sign-up or log in to our API dashboard. You will be able to access earthquake data via our easy-to-use dashboard. All you will need is your unique API key. Watch the Postman tutorial provided in the dashboard to learn how to make an API call.

What information is typically available through an earthquake API?

An earthquake API (Application Programming Interface) typically provides various information related to seismic activity. The specific details and data are accessible through an earthquake API. Here are some common types of information that are typically available:
1. Earthquake Parameters
2. Seismic Data
3. Earthquake Catalogs
4. Real-time Monitoring
5. Earthquake Alerts

Are there any earthquake APIs available for developers?

Yes. Ambee’s accurate earthquake API is available for developers to integrate into their systems/applications. All you need to do is sign-up to the API dashboard, where you can generate a unique API key for your data needs.

How accurate and up-to-date is the earthquake data provided by APIs?

Ambee utilizes a multi-modal approach to collecting data. Our data sources include proprietary on-ground sensors, satellite imagery, and other open sources like government data portals. This combination of data is then run through AL algorithms and ML techniques to ensure maximum accuracy and no gaps.