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Why Is Air Quality Data Important for the Insurance Sector?

Why Is Air Quality Data Important for the Insurance Sector?insurance underwriting using air quality data

Depleting air quality is a health hazard, especially for those who suffer from respiratory ailments and allergies. In most cases, degrading air quality leads to hospitalization. Similar to how increasing air pollution affects the chances of falling sick, did you know it impacts health care premiums and insurance underwriting too.

Insurance providers of all kinds, from wildfires to healthcare, property to life, are now beginning to consider environmental data, specifically air quality, while underwriting insurance plans. It not only provides customer satisfaction but also helps them personalize premiums.

What’s in this whitepaper?

– Efficient insurance underwriting with real-time air quality insights

– Personalized user-specific insurance premiums with environmental data

– Enhanced location-based environmental alerts

– How can insurance providers reduce environmental risks?

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