Ambee is now on Zapier - Connect Ambee’s API with your favorite marketing tool

March 28, 2024
2 min read
Ambee is now on Zapier - Connect Ambee’s API with your favorite marketing tool Ambee is now on Zapier - Connect Ambee’s API with your favorite marketing tool

📢Ambee’s unique and powerful environmental and climate APIs are now ready to use via Zapier!

Now connect Ambee with over 5000+ applications over the web on Zapier and automate campaigns, trackers, messages, and more in just a few steps. Combining Ambee’s reliable and secure capabilities with the ease of Zapier makes it a highly compatible solution for all your automation and innovation needs. 

How Zapier makes it all easier for you

Zapier’s mechanism allows you to seamlessly cross-flow between different web applications used by your organization without heavy coding. It asks you to set a ‘trigger’ in one application that prompts an ‘action’ in another. As a result, you create a ‘zap’ that automates all repetitive tasks.

For example, you can set up a ‘zap’ that tracks accurate pollen levels through Ambee daily. Whenever it reaches a cautionary level set by you, a campaign via Mailchimp will be automatically pushed out. What’s better is that this is just one of the many preset Ambee integration templates to get you started right away.

Getting started is no hassle, either. All you need is your API key from your Ambee account, and the process is commenced. Here’s some additional information to help dispel all queries and assist your automation journey.

With such wheels in motion, you can free up valuable time and energy to boost your productivity and provide a smooth experience to your company and users. When using Ambee's patented insights and accurate forecasting, rest assured that you’re heading forward in all the right ways, whether marketing automation or any other business operation—Ambee is with you every step.

Here’s why companies trust Ambee for their campaigns

Reacting to environmental challenges is one of the modern organization's most significant tasks. Ambee’s APIs have been utilized and harnessed to help many of them meet their goals. Having USEPA and NAB-compliant data after aggregating from over a dozen different sources makes it a beacon of reliability for many companies.

Suggested reading: for a deeper insight into the characteristics of Ambee’s APIs, have a look at the documentation.

Kimberly-Clark, the worldwide manufacturer of Kleenex facial tissues, has recently partnered with Ambee to generate awareness and evangelize some of its new allergy-related offerings.

Ambee’s pollen API is used to power and enhance KCC’s ‘pollen pal’ engagement tool, which alerts consumers about the pollen status around them. Moreover, this data was also cleverly employed to send automated emails and campaigns to users whenever the pollen level was higher than average. The Your Pollen Pal garnered 100k visits in the first week alone and now has a staple of 30,000 unique visitors daily. As a result, it was deemed an ‘exceptional’ return on ad spending. Here’s where you can learn more about how this solution was developed.

To connect with their consumers on a more personal level, Boots—a leading British health and beauty retail chain, reached out to Ambee to develop a solution. The idea was to provide customers suffering from pollen allergies with location-based forecasts and reach them with special offers and promotions. Using the pollen count API, Boots could kickstart a successful campaign. It saw higher CTRs and retention across its website, apps, and personalized emails, driving product growth.

Additionally, Ambee data is utilized by GlaxoSmithKline (gsk), Juli, digichief, and Wellthy for their various campaigns and offerings. These partnerships were feasible significantly due to the pollen API’s precise and hyper-local nature and its pricing and partnership compatibility.

With Zapier, the easy becomes even easier, and the impossibility of managing the climate becomes much more possible. Begin your Ambee journey on Zapier now!

Ambee provides reliable, accurate, and hyperlocal environmental APIs for businesses worldwide. Ambee gives you API solutions with applications across industries and functions by combining data from proprietary sensors, satellites, and various other sources. Get in touch with us here. 

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