Real-Time Wildfire Updates For Colorado, USA

Get a complete picture of forest fire in Colorado at a glance and make informed decisions to stay ahead of fire-related disasters.

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Colorado Forest Fire Map
Ambee’s Forest Fire Map For Colorado: Visualize Fires in Real Time
Colorado's Forest Area Coverage
Forests and woodlands cover approximately 24 million acres in Colorado, or 34.42% of the state's land area. This makes Colorado the 10th most forested state in the United States. The majority of Colorado's forests are coniferous, with the most common tree species being ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, and Engelmann spruce.

Colorado's forests are facing a number of challenges, including climate change, wildfires, and invasive species. Climate change is causing the forests to warm and dry, which is making them more susceptible to wildfires. Wildfires have become more frequent and severe in Colorado in recent years, and they have caused significant damage to forests and property.
Colorado active fire map
Avert Disasters On Time Using Fire Map For Colorado
Forest Fire History in Colorado
Forest fires have been a part of Colorado's history for centuries. The largest wildfire in Colorado history was the Hayman Fire, which burned 240,000 acres in 2002. The Hayman Fire was caused by a campfire that was left unattended. Other large wildfires in Colorado history include the Fourmile Fire (2012), the Waldo Canyon Fire (2012), and the Cameron Peak Fire (2020).

There are a number of factors that contribute to wildfires in Colorado. These factors include drought, wind, lightning, and human activity. Wildfires are a natural part of Colorado's ecosystem. However, human activity has increased the risk of wildfires in Colorado.

Parameters That Matter For Fire Map For Colorado

To help monitor and mitigate the risks posed by wildfires, Ambee’s wildfire maps for California provide users with critical information on the location, intensity, and size, among other parameters. Here’s the list.
Wildfire API Response Parameters

Accurate Forest Fire Information At Your Fingertips

Ambee’s forest fire API provides users with critical information on the location, intensity, size, and potential risks of fires, as well as comprehensive air quality data that can help detect lingering effects such as pockets of toxic air pollution. Forest Fire API is an essential tool for anyone seeking to stay informed and take proactive measures to protect life and property.

The Impact of Forest Fires on Colorado Air Quality

Forest fires have a significant impact on the Air Quality Index (AQI). Forest fires release large amounts of particulate matter into the air, which can have harmful effects on human health. Forest fires also produce carbon monoxide, which is harmful when inhaled in high concentrations. Forest fires can also release other pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), depending on the composition of the vegetation being burned. These pollutants can further deteriorate air quality and contribute to an increased AQI.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ambee's Colorado wildfire map?

Ambee’s Colorado wildfire map provides a complete picture of forest fire in  Colorado at a glance. You can easily check the current wildfire status around Colorado on this map.

How does Ambee's Colorado wildfire map work?

Ambee’s Colorado wildfire map utilizes Ambee’s wildfire data in real time and plots it for the global audience to access in an interactive map. This is to help customers understand Colorado’s wildfires and make informed decisions on the go.

Where does Ambee obtain the data for the Colorado wildfire map?

Colorado wildfire map sources the data from Ambee’s wildfire API. The API aggregates the data from satellite sources, on-ground sensors, and station data to provide the most accurate result.

How frequently is the Colorado wildfire map updated?

The wildfire map is updated hourly.

What kind of information does the Colorado wildfire map provide?

Colorado wildfire map provides information on the location, intensity, size, and potential risks of fires, along with information on FRP and FWI. Check out the complete parameters list above.