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Reshape Your Business With Air Quality and Pollen Data

Barsha Sharma
pollen and air quality data for businesspollen and air quality data for business

Actionable environmental data provides a myriad of opportunities to businesses, especially when combined with modern technologies like AI & ML. Leveraging environmental data, in this case, air quality and pollen, helps businesses improve brand loyalty, grow revenue, and enhance other business outcomes. 

Below are a few examples of how different industries can use Ambee’s data to develop innovative products, enhance marketing tactics, forecast demand, and subsequently generate profits.

Digital Healthcare

Digital healthcare companies have been integrating air quality and pollen data to innovate solutions to serve their customers better. Ambee’s client Juli’s digital health management application enabled its users to manage, track, and avoid pollen to prevent health complications. 

With Ambee’s pollen data, Juli managed to increase their user engagement and deliver personalized therapy to their customers. Accurate environmental insights help digital health examine individual patients’ environments and their triggers to develop smarter solutions for the long run.

Advertising and Marketing 

Ambee’s pollen data helped companies like Kimberly-Clark Corporation, GSK, Bayer, and more increase their user engagement, brand recognition, and ROI. They were able to effectively target ads using Ambee’s data in their marketing campaigns. 

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According to a survey by Adobe, 89% of marketers see a positive ROI when they personalize campaigns. Ambee’s pollen and air quality data is utilized by marketing teams and companies to deliver relevant ads to their customers and engage them with appropriate messaging.


Pharma companies use air quality and pollen data to stay updated on the changing customer demand caused by varying environmental conditions. Based on Ambee’s pollen insights, Bayer was able to better forecast sales and demand levels for their anti-allergy drug, Claritin. 

Bayer also integrated Ambee’s APIs in their marketing campaigns, helping them provide a more targeted customer experience. Location-specific insights into environmental factors helped them accurately identify trends and forecast demands, removing any scope for guesswork.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Retail and consumer goods companies can leverage air quality and pollen data to provide engaging, innovative, and high-quality products to their customers. For instance, Boots used Ambee’s environmental data to forecast pollen levels and deliver relevant ads and promotions to their customers in their app.

Their product, upgraded with the help of environmental data, helped them boost targeted sales efforts and increase revenue. Hyperlocal environmental insights help retail and consumer goods companies understand market needs and pave the way for ideas that can improve customer lives.

Banking and Finance

Top banking and finance companies are worth hundreds of billions of dollars today. With an urgent need to transform their business models towards a more sustainable path, these companies need to reevaluate and reanalyze their investments and risk management strategies. Ambee can provide these companies with data and insights to achieve just that. 

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Transform the Way Your Company Operates With Ambee’s Environmental Data

Ambee provides reliable, measured, and street-level environmental data for businesses across the globe. With a combination of data collected from proprietary sensors, satellite images, and multiple other sources, Ambee's APIs promise data of the utmost accuracy. Find out how Ambee's environmental data is helping your industry:  

Barsha Sharma
Barsha Sharma
A creative writer from the heart, a content writer by profession. I spend most of my time reading about something if I’m not outside discovering it. I’m a nature lover and an environmental enthusiast. I believe that every human has a social responsibility to protect the environment they live in, and we must all play our part, however small it may be.