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Reflecting on Ambee’s Year and Giving Thanks

September 22, 2023
2 min read
Reflecting on Ambee’s Year and Giving ThanksReflecting on Ambee’s Year and Giving Thanks

Another successful year has gone by. We’d never have imagined, not even in our wildest dreams, that a group of fewer than twenty folks in 2017 would create some of the world’s most cutting-edge climate technologies. Yet, here we are. And we’re only getting started.

When Akshay, Maddy, and I sat down with a vision, we were very clear on what we wanted Ambee to be. Ambee has and will always use technology to solve some of the most pressing problems facing humanity and enable organizations to confront climate change–head-on. Tackling the grave challenge of climate change will always be the north star that guides our growth.

In 2022, we consolidated our position as a leading provider of environmental data to companies worldwide. We partnered with Boots, GSK, The Trade Desk (and a couple of weather companies that we’ll announce soon 👀). We also ran extensive campaigns for some of the world’s largest pharma brands. In doing so, we delivered enviable wins for multiple customers, resulting in increasing contract sizes and renewals while also introducing us to other partners. As a consequence, our revenues also grew significantly.

Looking back, it is crystal clear that none of this would have happened without the team we have collectively fostered. This year, we have added a lot more talent to our team, having a 45% increase from last year. The culture we all strive to maintain and the empathy we show each other has enabled us to put some of our best work out there.

Team Ambee at our annual all-hands conference

Big wins always come hand-in-hand with big learnings too, and whilst there were some setbacks, we chose not to mope over them and instead focused on extracting as much information as possible from them. In that vein, one of the biggest things we learned this year was to:

Understand when something isn’t working and move on – fast.

If today we are the world leaders in pollen data, it's because we realized what was working and what wasn’t very quickly. But of course, some things will always remain out of our grasp in this world. A storm of geopolitical events shook the world in the fresh wake of the pandemic, and the subsequent recession undoubtedly set back certain expansion plans.

However, since the world has now finally woken up to the scourge of climate change, we have been resilient enough to keep growing. For us on the founding team, it was undoubtedly a tough year, so we chose to focus on what was working and doubled down on it. Just like the Earth, we keep circling back to the same point every year.

So what’s next?

For Ambee, the future looks very exciting, as we are now on the verge of releasing some pretty awesome products that will quite literally change the world. These products will release globally and drive value across the spectrum. Rest assured, these are solutions that the world is in dire need of – both in terms of business objectives and for our environment. Stay tuned for these announcements next year!

Another place where you’ll likely find Ambee will be COP28 in Dubai, UAE. This year, Ambee was the only Indian startup to present at COP27 in Egypt – which was a massive feather in our cap. We hope you’ll stay in touch and find us there!

Last but not least…

As I mentioned earlier, empathy and gratitude are the fundamental building blocks on which we’ve built this company. As a token of appreciation, we have a tradition of having an annual company-wide leave of gratitude for the last week of the year. We will take some time off starting December 24th and will be back on the 2nd of January 2023.

To our wonderful clients and partners, investors and mentors, our success is nothing without your support. Thank you for having faith in us. I wish you and your families a very happy new year. To the Ambee family, let’s enjoy our break with the same vigor we put into our work. I hope you have a lovely holiday season.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll see you next year!

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