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Ambee in 2023: A New Year’s Note From the Founders

May 15, 2024
2 min read
Ambee in 2023: A New Year’s Note From the FoundersAmbee in 2023: A New Year’s Note From the Founders

Welcome back folks!

As the sun set on another fantastic year, the founding team thought of writing to you about where we see Ambee and our world going in the near future.

We enter 2023 with our usual unbridled optimism. The key difference this year is that we are accompanied by a sense of dogged determination to take Ambee to unforeseen heights. 

This year, we will focus on improving our existing offerings and also address climate change head-on. More aggressively than we ever have. Whether it is tracking and predicting forest fires, building carbon emission models, or helping companies track and offset scope 3 emissions–we will be helping companies all over the world fight climate change.

The climate crisis

The earth may not be at the center of the universe, but it is at the center of ours. This ‘pale blue dot’, which you can also see on our logo, is all we have. It’s clear now that there is a certain level of urgency that organizations around the globe must show. 

In the coming years, every business will be a climate business, and every job will be a climate job. If you’re not seeing the climate crisis as evident as it is from all angles, you must live in an unreal world.

Our CSO and co-founder, Akshay, puts it perfectly,

“It’s (climate crisis) pretty dire. We’re a couple of steps away from the endgame. If we don’t completely clean up our act by 2030, I don’t think society will make it out of this century in any recognizable form.”

We have clearly seen spikes in forest fires, increased powers of tsunamis and hurricanes, extreme heat and precipitation, and a whole lot more. This shows that each coming year will be crucial to any climate action.

The world needs accurate and actionable data for real climate action and to see a tangible result. This helps establish baselines, correctly account for action, and disable bad-faith actors and greenwashing. To counter these, there are not many options available, and there are clearly not enough tools or data to be resilient.

Ambee’s data is an immensely powerful weapon in this battle.

So what are we doing about it?

Data is a beautiful tool when applied to such pressing issues.

While the problem is one thing, the greater purpose behind it all drives us to solve them for our customers. That's what makes Ambee better and different.

During the year, we will launch some awesome products that will help companies track and reduce the effects of climate change. We will also have a significant and far more concerted push to cement our position as the global leader in climate and environmental data.

To give you an idea of what we are building, here is a sneak peek at our upcoming product, F3—a platform that tracks near real-time forest fires.

We’re beyond excited to introduce many novel technologies that solve the root of the climate problem deeper than any solution ever existed before.

Watch this space for more updates from time to time.

What drives us towards this?

In the words of Ambee’s CEO and co-founder, Jaideep -

“I feel that the world needs to be more responsive to climate change. This is quite literally an existential-level event, and if we do not try and address it, I worry that all will be lost. It is now or never!”

For us, an ideal year would be when we hear from you that we have significantly impacted your lives and businesses. It would be even more satisfying to hear you say that you absolutely cannot go about your business without us.

Being on the verge of a climate crisis makes us work harder than ever to provide solutions that can change the fate of our planet. After all, there is no planet B.

And finally…

Our priority at Ambee is to help make this world more livable. Our solutions, products, and work are dedicated to helping anyone and everyone move toward a sustainable future. This year, we have a razor-sharp focus to enable our customers and many other businesses to mitigate the impending risks of climate change.

“We present the most authentic selves, applying the best of our abilities toward a common problem. Growth, returns, disruption, innovation, and resilience are embedded in your association at Ambee.”  - Maddy, CTO and co-founder of Ambee

Stay with us, and we will make the world a better place, literally.

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