Wildfire Map: Track Active Fires and Make Informed Business Decisions

Ambee’s wildfire map gives you the opportunity to track active wildfires in real time to monitor, assess, and reduce damages. Get a detailed overview of wildfires, including FWI, FRP, rate of spread, and fire size, among others.

Wildfire Map
Wildfire Map with Analytics

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Mitigate wildfire effects proactively with Ambee’s cutting-edge technology

With growing wildfire risks every year—especially due to climate change—the need for wildfire data is essential. With Ambee's interactive active forest fire map, you gain access to powerful tools that enable real-time fire detection.

Environment and Climate Monitoring System

7.5 million

acres of land were burnt by wildfires across the US in 2022

indoor aqi monitor

$50 billion

is the average annual global cost of wildfires

indoor pm2.5 monitor


is the estimated increase in global wildfires by 2030

Identify Fire Hotspots and Optimize Targeted Mitigation Efforts

With Ambee’s latest wildfire analytics tool, you can:

Wildfire Map with Forest Fire Hotspots
emission tracking device

Access parameters such as Fire Weather Index(FWI), fire radiative power, rate of spread, fire size, and more.

weather tracking device

Identify areas and determine conditions most prone to fires and plan preventive measures across US and Canada.

Climate Monitoring System

Understand trends with near real-time heatmaps for different weather conditions.

real time aqi monitor

Utilize weather and air quality parameters to enhance your business use case.

Turn Active Fire Data Into Actionable Insights

Wildfire Risk Assessment and Insurance

Assess the risk of fire outbreaks in specific regions or areas and determine appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Determine the likelihood of wildfires and underwrite them effectively.

Early Fire Detection and Emergency Response Planning

Analyze fire patterns, identify high-risk areas, and develop effective emergency response plans. Allocate resources, plan evacuation routes, and strategically position firefighting personnel and equipment.

Healthcare Management

Monitor air quality in wildfire-affected regions and implement public health measures to protect vulnerable populations. Issue alerts and recommendations on potential health risks and preventive measures.

Environment and Climate Change Analysis

Monitor the impact of wildfires on ecosystems and habitats and identify areas requiring post-fire restoration efforts. Examine fire frequency, intensity, and duration to better understand the impacts of climate change on wildfire.

Looking For Burned Area Polygon Data?

You can access burned area polygons data through Ambee’s Forest Fire API. This parameter helps users monitor burned area locations and make informed decisions.

Give Your Cause The Data It Deserves

Ambee’s environmental and climate APIs provide high-resolution, reliable, and measured data. The most accurate data is generated by combining the power of proprietary on-ground sensors, satellite imagery, and other sources. Utilize Ambee’s hyperlocal data to create valuable solutions for your customers.