Make your ads carbon neutral and take a step towards
net zero

Built for digital advertising, C6 helps businesses report & track emissions with a view on
hotspots and reduction opportunities.

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indoor air quality monitor

The digital ad industry is still struggling to reach net zero

Complex ecosystems, multiple stakeholders, and a lack of standardization hinder reporting and reduction.

Environment and Climate Monitoring System


share of ad industry’s global GHG emissions

indoor aqi monitor


of emissions by digital ad firms fall in ‘Scope 3’

indoor pm2.5 monitor


of global companies meet net-zero eligibility

Introducing C6

Helping digital ads become carbon neutral

emission tracking device

GHGP product standard compliant reporting

weather tracking device

Campaign and ad-level granularity

Climate Monitoring System

Scalable for multiple ecosystems and platforms

real time aqi monitor

Data quality assessment that reviews your data

indoor air quality sensor

Emissions (including scope 3)measured for the ad’s entire lifespan

what you can do

The C6 edge

Improve Reporting

Get a comprehensive overview of the ad’s entire emissions chain —for all three scopes across the ad’s lifespan

Find Unseen Hotspots

C6’s lifecycle approach pinpoints exactly where your emissions lie. Locate the most avoidable emissions

Optimize and Reduce Operational Emissions

From these insights, take well-informed steps to optimize and reduce future emissions from operations.

Auditable Reporting (GHGP)

C6 complies with GHGP recommended ‘product life cycle’ (LCA) ensuring air-tight credibility.

Improvement Recommendations

Analyse and reduce emissions with custom recommendations and on-demand scenario analysis

First and Third-party Assurance

Detailed documentation and reports ensure 1st and 3rd  party verifiability and credibility

Who can benefit from C6?

Sustainability officers & teams benefit from a GHGP-compliant framework that helps reach reduction targets.
C6 will help Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) make operations cleaner and reduce marketing emissions.
With C6, Account managers will be able to decarbonize their client’s their media spend and hit sustainability goals.
By reporting credibly, Brand managers stand to improve the perception and image of their brands.
And anyone who wants to decarbonize their ads
ads emission tool

We used C6 to find that our marketing emissions last year were 7t CO2e.

Let’s help you find yours.

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