Reverse Geocoding API: Get Address To Lat Long Batch

Ambee’s Reverse Geocoding API translates geographic coordinates into readable addresses, enhancing apps with location details, customizing user experiences, and offering valuable insights effortlessly.

Reverse Geocoding API
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Seamlessly Convert Coordinates to Addresses Using Ambee’s Reverse Geocoding Data

Ambee’s Reverse Geocoding API converts geographic coordinates into human-readable addresses. Some of the features include:

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Whether your data requirement is for New York City or Tokyo, our API provides extensive global coverage, ensuring your geocoding needs are met. For instance, you can convert coordinates like 37.423021 (latitude) and -122.083739 (longitude) to "1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA".


Lightning-Fast Conversion

Our APIs are optimized for speed, ensuring you get real-time results without any lag. Instantly translate coordinates into detailed addresses and provide valuable context to your users.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Developer-friendly APIs that are easily integrated into any program, platform, or product.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable Infrastructure

Whether you have a handful of requests or thousands per second, our API is designed to efficiently handle your scalability needs. 

Developer Friendly Documentation

Developer-friendly documentation

Our API comes with comprehensive API documentation, code samples, and dedicated support channels to assist you every step of the way.


Accuracy and precision

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision when translating addresses into coordinates.

Demystifying Reverse Geocoding API To Elevate Your Location-Based Services

Reverse Geocoding API converts latitude and longitude coordinates into human-readable location data, like addresses or place names. It does this by querying a database that maps coordinates to locations. The API efficiently finds the nearest match, retrieves location details, and returns them in a structured format—JSON). This technology is commonly used in map apps and location-based services to provide users with meaningful location information based on their coordinates, enhancing their overall experience.

Demystifying Reverse Geocoding API To Elevate Your Location-Based Services

Client Request

Clients send HTTP requests with location queries to Ambee's Geocoding API, including an API key for authentication.

Processing the Request

Upon receiving the request, Ambee's server processes the client's query. This involves parsing the query parameters, including the location query itself.

API Endpoint

Ambee's Geocoding API has a specific endpoint (URL) to which the client sends the request.


Converting location queries into geographic coordinates involves several steps, such as address parsing, coordinate lookup, and finally, the result generation in JSON.

Usage and Integration

Clients can use the location data for mapping or location-based calculations in their applications.


The response is sent back to the client for extraction of needed information.

Location Intelligence To Redefine Precision and User Experience

Climate and Environmental Monitoring 

Utilize reverse geocoding to translate coordinates from weather stations or monitoring devices into human-readable location names for reporting for better monitoring of climate events.

Location Analytics

Analyze the geographic distribution of their customers, sales, or service requests by converting coordinates into location names, helping them make informed business decisions.

Travel Information

Use reverse geocoding data to offer contextual information and provide details about landmarks or attractions as they move through different areas.

Location Tags

Use reverse geocoding APIs to provide users with location names or descriptions based on the geographic coordinates where photos were taken.

Ambee’s Reverse Geocoding API: Sample Response

Get geocoding API key from Ambee’s API dashboard and make instant API calls for your unique use case.
This is how your sample response will look like when you make the API call:
Reverse Geocoding API SAmple Response

Looking For Geocoding API?

Ambee’s geocoding API effortlessly convert addresses like street names, cities, and countries into precise geographic coordinates on a map. Empower your location-driven services, deliveries, and overall user engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reverse Geocoding API?

Reverse Geocoding API is a service by Ambee that converts geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) into a human-readable address.

What are the key features of Ambee's Reverse Geocoding API?

Some key features of Ambee's Reverse Geocoding API include global coverage, lightning-fast conversion, easy integration, scalable infrastructure, accuracy, precision, and developer-friendly documentation.

How can Ambee's Reverse Geocoding API benefit businesses?

Businesses can benefit from this API by utilizing reverse geocoding to translate coordinates into location names for climate and environmental monitoring, location analytics, travel information, and location tagging. It helps in making informed business decisions and enhancing user experiences.

Where can I find documentation and support for Ambee's Reverse Geocoding API integration?

You can access comprehensive API documentation, code samples, and dedicated support channels for Ambee's Reverse Geocoding API on their documentation page.

How can I get started with Ambee's Reverse Geocoding API and obtain an API key?

To get started, you can obtain a geocoding API key from Ambee's API dashboard. With this key, you can make instant API calls for your unique use case. A sample response is provided to help you understand how the API call works.