Live insights and forecast of the environment to the travel destination

Create differentiation in your product by letting users plan their travel according to the weather and air quality at the destination
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Easily integratable APIs for the whole world with of highest resolution

Combining multiple sensors on ground, satellite data and power of proprietary algorithms and AI we bring a whole new perspective to Air, weather, pollen, soil, water vapour and fire data.

Ambee data is immediately impactful to a wide range of markets that depend on building a healthier planet for sustainable businesses, liveable cities, improving economies at scale creating a healthier planet, people and overall productivity.

Ambee Proprietary Technology

Using our own technology called AIONN-MetNet (Aggregation & interpolation of Meteorology data over Neural Network) , which combines a model trained on decades of historical weather data, weather radar data, satellite information and Gaussian interpolation that gets us to a 200m² resolution of weather data for the whole world geospatially. A time tested method that is over 85% accurate at all times.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Alerts of any severe environmental distress to ensure traveller safety

Recommendations of cleaner places, suggestions of the environment that could be used to book your AirBnB or a hotel

Differentiate yourself from the competition

With hundreds of travel applications, blogs and agents your user is already cluttered with information. What makes a difference and helps you stand out is when you give something that is personalized and that shows that you care. Our global weather, air quality and pollen APIs will help you deliver a subtle message but a very important one, so much so that it keeps your customers hooked to your services. Try it to believe it.

Improve customer experience and engagement

A cost effective API, personalized to a users location along with search option users can know ahead of time about the air quality.

Drive more users, increase overall traction

Air pollution is a global problem, it kills 10 times more than the pandemic Covid19 has combining with any other similar outbreak. Your app can just be that life saver and can also help improve the travel experience

For apps, widgets, wearables and more. For Construction, Real-estate and manufacturing.
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Ambee is an air-quality data network. The company’s sensors measure air quality in terms of dust, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, temperature, humidity, UV light, and sound. This data, which is hyperlocal, is fed into a proprietary algorithm that learns from the user’s routines and lifestyle and is able to suggest changes.
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Start building better thoughtful products
Possibility to explore new market
Inform effectiveness of the product
Assess competitiveness in the market

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Environmental intelligence that helps boost sales and adds value by creating awareness

To assist leading brands offer intelligent and highly personalised solutions that help customers make better decisions
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Media sectors can amplify your messaging through critical weather and air quality API. Consumer Applications can add new users and double your app's engagement. Smart Cities can get actionable insights ono city's emissions to city managers and citizens.

Proprietary engines using proprietary data

Ambee has its own sensors throughout the world. These sensors are benchmarked and calibrated in the real-world and on the cloud offering double reliability of accuracy.
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