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Access accurate, hyperlocal and current precipitation data.

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weather api
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Plan your daily activities with our actionable data today.

Weather data is highly useful as it dictates plans and everyday activities. Weather data is easy to integrate and can be leveraged into value-added applications for aviation, construction, renewable energy, sports, technology, tourism, transport and more.

Ambee’s weather API provides valuable actionable insights with a comprehensive view into real-time, accurate, local, national and global weather.
fluctuation in GDP due to weather amounting to $1.3T per year
average deaths per year year across the world
total loss occurs due to weather-related disasters worldwide per year
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Help your customers make informed decisions by integrating our A.I. powered, hyperlocal, real-time Weather API.

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Integrate Ambee's weather API into your app and give your users a way to stay informed on the current weather.


Use Ambee's real-time weather data to bring awareness to your users of weather conditions at all times.


Inform your users of the seasonal and locational change in weather and advise them on the ideal times to go for a run, walk their dogs or any outdoor activities.


Giving useful information will not only increase user engagement but also will keep your users hooked.

Choose quality over quantity.

Ambee aggregates weather data from multiple sources combining on-ground sensors, satellite imagery and statistical inference to ensure accuracy and availability of the highest order.

Global Coverage

Ample data coverage across the world with new countries being every week.

Data Accuracy

Data validation is highly prioritised to ensure accurate data delivery with a comprehensive view of real-time weather conditions.

Quick Response

When called upon, Ambee's Weather API delivers real-time data quickly for a frictionless and user-friendly experience.

Hyperlocal Data

Ambee's weather API provides a detailed hyperlocal view of the current weather conditions with a 200m X 200m resolution.

Real-Time Data

Raw weather data is made available in real-time for the user location.

Easy to Integrate

Ambee's weather API is developer-friendly and easy to integrate into any program, application or product.
At any given time, 1800 thunderstorms occur on Earth with 100 lightning strikes per second. Lightning strikes 8.6 million times on average everyday. The world's lightning hotspot is Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

Start empowering your audience today with their environmental data for free.

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A time tested method that is over 85% accurate at all times.

Using our own technology called AIONN (Aggregation & interpolation over Neural Network) , which combines a model trained on decades of historical weather data, weather radar data, satellite information and Gaussian interpolation that gets us to a 200m²  resolution of weather data for the whole world geospatially.
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Ambee is an air-quality data network. The company’s sensors measure air quality in terms of dust, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, temperature, humidity, UV light, and sound. This data, which is hyperlocal, is fed into a proprietary algorithm that learns from the user’s routines and lifestyle and is able to suggest changes.
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Consumer Applications

Knowing outdoor weather conditions helps plan the daily activities

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Knowing outdoor weather helps solidify outdoor travel activities

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Knowing extreme weather conditions helps in advertising activities

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