Ambee disc connected to various sectors like Research, Medical, Smart Cities, Media and Aviation empowering them through Data

Empowering value creation through environmental intelligence

Combining the power of on ground sensing and satellite imagery, we measure, process and analyze data about various aspects of the environment that comprises of Air, Pollen, Water, Soil, Weather and lots more.

Thoughtful API’s that lets you measure what you need to measure

Our data is immediately impactful to a wide range of markets that depend on building a healthier planet for sustainable businesses, liveable cities, improving economies at scale creating a healthier planet, people and overall productivity.
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What makes our APIs the best choice for your business


Accurate datasets for the most dynamic variable on the planet.

Pollution varies heavily from street to street and by the hour. Ambee helps with the great accuracy and spatial resolution, leveraging the best of machine learning and atmospheric sciences, we’ve built  API solutions that do just that


With under 300ms of difference and at a street-by-street reading for the entire globe, our data is the most realtime.


Hybrid of calibrated ground sensors and satellite data coupled with our algorithms makes our data reliable.

Data Density & Resolution

Expansive global data across locations with the highest resolution upto 30 mts, for over 100 countries

Analysed, actionable data that co-relations & regressions

Our live air quality data and hourly forecasts make the air you breathe more transparent, empowering customer focussed businesses, researchers and organizations to build solutions that help people breathe better air.


Analyzed data that provides you key insights to the way hyperlocal air quality. Environment behaves due many reasons from changing weather to impact of human activities.


Data is of use when it has recommendations, advisories, alerts and notifications to improve the quality of human health.
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Developer Friendly

Developed by developers who understand what it takes for it

Our real-time air quality data insights are easy to integrate into any app, website or widgets with standard data formats available. Our API documentation is easy to comprehend and built to meet the developer's needs.

Developer Friendly

Specially catered and flexible support along with documentation to suit developer needs
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Find your use-case

Ambee offers the largest and most accurate air quality data in Asia with unparalleled flexibility and support for all use cases.

Empowering sales and value creation through environmental intelligence

Helping leading brands offer intelligent and highly personalized solutions that enable customers to make better decisions about their health.
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Media sectors can amplify your messaging through critical weather and air quality API. Consumer Applications can add new users and double your app's engagement. Smart Cities can get actionable insights ono city's emissions to city managers and citizens.

Proprietary engines using proprietary data

Ambee has its own sensors throughout the world. These sensors are benchmarked and calibrated in the real-world and on the cloud offering double reliability of accuracy.
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