Pollen Pal - Ambee and Kimberly-Clark case study


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Pollen Pal - Ambee and Kimberly-Clark case study

Pollen is an irritant for more than 30% of the world's population. Breathing in air with heavy pollen counts is detrimental to patients who have severe asthma and other allergies. To safeguard people from experiencing heightened allergic reactions, Kimberly-Clark Corporation(KCC) took the first step to build Pollen Pal.

Pollen Pal, serviced by KCC and powered by Ambee's hyperlocal, real-time pollen intelligence, has become a household name in the UK. It is renowned for its forecast accuracy and how it evangelizes data to help allergy sufferers protect themselves from various complications. The solution allows people to stop the worsening of allergy symptoms and plan their movements depending on how safe it is to go out.

Ambee, in partnership with KCC, built this shield that protects users from high pollen exposure and has gained an ally in the fight against climate change. Learn more about how the partnership came to be, how seamlessly the partnership clicked, and where we are headed in the case study.

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