Indoor Air Pollution- Are we Safe Indoors?


March 5, 2019

Indoor Air Pollution- Are we Safe Indoors?

Outdoor air pollution gets so much of hype, but did you know indoor air pollution is equally harmful? You can just not shut your doors and think you are safe from air pollution. Follow this link to our blog on Indoor air pollution.

The air around us is rapidlybecoming toxic. Coal plants, industrial smoke, vehicular exhaust, pollution dueto construction or dust and other harmful chemicals we have it all. We thinkthat this all ends as soon as we enter our indoor space, but that is not thecase. In reality, we are actually more susceptible to pollution indoors thanoutdoors. According to a research article, indoor air quality can be 10X moreharmful than that prevalent outside. Barricading ourselves indoors will thusnot solve the problem of bad air quality.

While the outdoor pollution isvisible to our eyes, indoor pollution is equally toxic (sometimes even worse)but often goes unnoticed. The reasoning is simple; outdoor pollution is spreadon a wider space and often dissipates after rainfallor a strong gust of wind. But the air degradation that happens within aconfined space builds up over time. Thinkof it as a liter of oil that spills in a bucket of water versus that spilled in the ocean. The oil spilled on a bucket would have nowhere to go, and unless you manually clean it, it would staythere.

The worst part is the fact thatthis indoor pollution creeps on you slowly and without much of a warningleaving you ill and suffocated. Couple this with the fact that more than 90% ofour day is spent indoors, we are safe to conclude that indoor pollution has ahigher potential of harming you than that outdoors.

In such cases, investing in a good air quality monitor mattersa lot. It may be an office, a restaurant or a home; an air quality monitor can help you manage a sudden, unhealthyspurt in pollution level and take precautionary action. Here is an outlook onthe kind of indoor environment that definitely needs an air quality monitor andways to keep a check on the pollution level.

Industriesand Factory Setups

Well, it is no rocket science that factories and industriesare the worst affected places in terms of air quality. Every factory/industrywould have hundreds and sometimes thousands of people working inside who are atrisk of inhaling poisonous gases andchemicals due to prolonged exposure. Hence it is imperative that the airquality standards must meet the safety standards at all times. While there areexisting air quality monitors set up by the government to measure any untowardspike, it is best if there is an accurate and reliable air quality monitor setup inside the facility as well.

Here are some tips to manage airpollution in factories. Keep the factory well ventilated and airy and make itmandatory for the employees to wear respiratory masks during work hours.

Laboratoriesand Research Facilities

This is one more place where airquality monitors are definitely required. What can we expect from a place whichis surrounded by chemicals, fumes, andreactive substances? If the proper respiratory masks and anti-pollution gearsare not in place, scientists, researchers, andlab assistants can fall prey to a multitude of respiratory and other chronicailments.


Since most of the corporate havemany computers and hundreds of employees working under one roof, the place hasto be kept cool and pleasant. This would mean air conditioning the entire unitand keeping it closed at all times. Hence, no pollutant present inside canleave the setup on its own. Molds,infections, pollens, dust, mites, the list are just endless, and everything keeps circulating inside. Havingair quality monitors in such setups wouldensure that the pollution levels are always monitored and kept in check at alltimes.

The best idea for such setups isto have indoor air purifying plants in every corner to lessen the impact ofpollution buildup. Vacuuming and frequent dusting inside would also help inbringing down the pollution level to a great extent.


This may have featured last. Nonetheless, our home which is supposed to bethe safest haven is no less polluted.Continuous construction activities, molds, pollen, mites, dust,and pet dander (in case you have any)leave your home polluted and harmful for your family.

Ensure your home is wellventilated, airy and vacuumed regularly. Planting indoor plants that have airpurifying properties would also help to a great extent.

There is no escaping the harmfuleffects of air pollution, and while noneof us can completely escape it, we can ensure that we are able to monitor andmanage the spike to a great extent. Investing in a air quality monitor is yourfirst step towards the wellbeing and health of your employees, workers and yourfamily members.

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