Here's What No One Tells You About Air Pollution.


April 28, 2020

Here's What No One Tells You About Air Pollution.

There is so much to know about the effects of Air Pollution. Sadly, we are often blinded by either too much or too little information about how it is impacting us, on a personal level.Did you know that you breathe 23,000 times a day? All that we breathe is taken down to our organs from the bloodstream. Some pollutants become a permanent part of irreversible damage to our organs.We know about the quality of water we drink, otherwise, we would not be drinking water from all sorts of taps in the country, do we?Why don't we do that with Air? Why do we undermine the impacts of air pollution?8 out of 10 diseases are attributed to Air pollution today.What if I told you, you could change that today?The answer to beating the harmful effects of air pollution is - Data

Data’s role in today’s life.

In many schools, they don't emphasize on Air pollutions as much as they should be. However, that was because of a lack of awareness of data. Now, in a world where you can confidently say that your life is completely revolving around data, our applications of technology have expanded.Data is the oil on which the world today thrives on. It is evident that without data, today's world would cease to exist.

Time For A Random Fact.

Let us learn a random fact: A couple of months back an article came across that showed how air pollution has been a key factor towards evolution. One of the greatest inventions of mankind is Fire.In fact, it was pollution from forest fires, cave fires and also dust storms which led to the shaping of our DNA over the years. They developed powerful liver enzymes to break down the toxins entering the blood. It is believed that this is why some people are resilient towards cigarette smoke- a small biological change that happened a million years ago.

Importance Of Data In Air Pollution.

Air quality is being monitored all around the world by government and private sensors as per the need of people. Even NASA has a plan to launch more two satellites to show more accurate data on air pollution.Currently the main focus is towards PM2.5 and PM10. These are atmospheric particulate matters which are naked to the invisible eye and are tinier than a strand of hair.As per W.H.O. the safe limit of PM2.5 is 25 μg/m3 and for PM10 is 50 μg/m3. In India this data is a rare sight in cities, where AQI levels don/t fall below 40.These particles are harmful for your body as they enter directly through your lungs and into the bloodstream. In other words, PM2.5 acts to the body like rust acts to iron, slowly weakening and damaging it.

What Are The Sources Of Air Pollution?

As said earlier, air pollution is not limited to your cigarette smoke or your car exhaust. It is the carbon monoxide released from your gas stoves, the harmful gases from your deodorant, CFC from fridges and A.C.s, the methane released from your garbage dump, and the carbon released from smoking hookah or burning crackers. All these activities are done on a daily basis but we are carefree enough to ignore the damage this does to the atmosphere. We tend to ignore air pollution since it is not visible to us.

How Your Body Is Being Affected.

All medical conditions are now being linked to air pollution. Even before birth, it has an impact on our life. Air pollution is partly responsible for a sharp drop in both male and female fertility.Exposure to air pollution can decrease gestation period, lead to premature birth, halt brain development and bone development of the baby.This continues till after birth too. When children are exposed to air pollution- it leads to dyslexia and autism. They are easily susceptible to medical conditions such as lung cancer. The overall process of development of the child slows down and their immune system becomes weak. Air pollution is a key factor as to why children at school are losing focus, resulting in a decrease in grades too.Every three minutes, a child dies in India due to Air pollution.As we dig more deeper, we realize that air pollution is affecting our everyday activities.Air pollution inside an office can have direct effects with the productivity of an employee. The employee loses focus, feels more lethargic and sleepy, has headaches and irritation and redness of eye. Even a cup of coffee does not help to regain concentration. Since most people spend atleast 9 hours a day in office, they become more prone to medical ailments rising from air pollution.At later stages of life, even if you claim to have a strong immune system, you can still fall prey to air pollution.Since particulate matter can enter directly into your bloodstream, we, especially senior citizens, are more prone to conditions like anemia. PM2.5 affects the red blood cells directly, decreasing the number and reducing oxygen supply to muscles and tissues. There is a chance to develop dementia, a condition which decreases motor activity and causes memory loss. Cancer becomes very common especially in the lungs and most importantly it leads to respiratory diseases such as asthma.
Even diabetes and jaundice are being linked to it.It has been noted that sometimes indoor air pollution can be 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution.
Hence, applying corrective measures like air purifiers, humidifiers, regular cleaning, using VOC-free paints can reduce these levels.

How is it going to end for us?

When we continue to live by these habits, without bringing any change to our lifestyle, it can lead to extremities. Air pollution consists of greenhouse gases- the main cause of global warming around the world. Though this is a global crisis, India stands more vulnerable, especially due to its huge population and levels of inequality and poverty. With continuous rise of air pollution levels, it will be impossible to step out without masks.The increase of greenhouse gasses is agitating the effects of climate change. The poles are melting faster and ocean levels are on a rise. With its huge coastline and percentage of population striving on the resources of the sea, it is going to prove to be fatal for IndiaThe disrupted rainfall patterns and increased intensity of extreme weather cases is only a warning of upcoming crisis.Average temperatures have increased by 0.6 degrees and crop yields are declining. The main effect of climate change will be upon the farmers of our country who rely on the monsoon season for their crops to grow, but due to disrupted rain patterns and poor infrastructure and irrigation facilities there will be a shrink in their income and the GDP of the nation. It is estimated that air pollution kills 7 million people globally, and the numbers are rising each year.


In this conclusion we will say how you can “save the world”. Google suggests you do things which we have been hearing for the past several years- use public transport, conserve electricity, plant trees, reduce, reuse, recycle, use less hot water, make composts, change to CFL bulbs.But, have you wondered why they keep saying that? It’s because we have not acted on it yet.All these things mean a lot when huge masses start the initiative. It’s sad to see people bringing a negative influence towards air pollution. This sounds repetitive but do those small things, do it for future generations, do it because this change is necessary for your survival.

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