Bad Air Quality Decreases Employee Performance and Productivity


March 5, 2019

Bad Air Quality Decreases Employee Performance and Productivity

Who would want to work in a suffocating environment right? We all know that bad air quality can be detrimental to our health, but only recently have scientists found the link between air quality and employee productivity. Click on this link to know more.

Who would want to work in asuffocating environment right? We all know that bad air quality can bedetrimental to our health, but only recently have scientists found the linkbetween air quality and employee productivity.

Corporates are ready to invest alot of money and resources to increase employee productivity by means oftraining and developmental activities, rewards, and targeted coaching/mentoringinitiatives. But while they are doing so much, there isanother aspect of productivity that is widely ignored-air quality.

As and when the pollution levelsincrease, employees tend to become slower and less productive. But how will white-collar employees work in the comfort of an air-conditionedoffice be ever affected by air pollution? Partly right. While the ups and downsof pollution affect the workers andlaborers on a greater scale, it doesn’t leave those indoors as well. Whilescientists have just started researching the mechanism and reasoning behindthis, we sure have enough proof about the impact air quality has on the cognitive health of employees.

Unlike outdoor pollution, indoor pollution is high on particulate matter(2.5). These particles are so fine and light that they easily bypass your immune system to enter the bloodstream. This is exactly why investing in a good air quality monitor for your officespace matters a lot. Here are some ways bad air quality can impact youremployees’ productivity:

Respiratory Ailments: Your office might look pretty clean, but itwould definitely have an overdose of particulate matter, dust and molds evenafter constant cleaning and scrubbing with disinfectants. Continuous exposureto these can lead to respiratory ailments like bronchitis, episodes of asthmaand wheezing among your employees.

Cardiac Ailments: Since these particles enter our bloodstreameasily, they have a potential of blocking your arteries leading to heartattack. They are also said to have inflammatory effects that can cause cardiovascularproblems in employees with pre-existing heart conditions. Depending on thelevel and intensity of exposure, indoor air pollution in offices can lead tostrokes, arrhythmias and heart failure.

Brain Disorders,Anxiety,and Nervous Ailments: Indoorair pollutants can also enter your cranial nerves and reach your central nervous system and cause inflammation in that region. It may even get burieddeep in the brain stem which in turn can increase your stress levels. Highlevels of exposure are also associated with a spikein anxiety level, depression, diminished levels of intelligence and cognitive functionality.

Now all these directly impact an employee’s performance in the workplace. The only thing you can do here is to keep caution and keep your employees away from high levels of indoor pollution. Investing in a reliable and precise air quality monitors in your office space can help you monitor any unwanted spikes in air pollution levels and help in taking precautionary steps to prevent its impact on your employees.

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