Air Quality- A Luxury or a Necessity?


March 5, 2019

Air Quality- A Luxury or a Necessity?

With air pollution on the rise many elite hotel chains are offering good air quality as a luxury service to their guests. But is good air quality reserved only for those who can afford it? Is it not a basic necessity of life? Read on.

I recentlyread a news article about five-star breathing experience. Well, the gist is that good air quality hasbecome a luxury offering,and leadinghotel chains like ITC Taj and Hyatt are offering them as elite services totheir guests.

Really? Have we come to that now? While these endeavorsprovide the needed respite for dignitaries and elite guests, what about thecommon public? Worst still, what happens when they come face to face with thereal external conditions? Is good air quality reserved only for the elite andhas become a luxury service we must pay for? Well, we can delve on this furtheror concentrate on the fact that at least now we have started realizing theimportance of air quality and have actively started looking out for options.

But then again, there is this question we must ponder: Is good air quality a necessity or just a luxury? I present to you some facts to get you started on this. According to the findings by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), around 1.27 million deaths in 2017 (it is around 8 million worldwide every year) were due to air pollution and the scene is worsening every passing year.

There is also a drastic increase in people suffering from TB,asthma, lung cancer, strokes,andischemicheart disease. While the figures look confounding, it definitely puts usstraight on one point: Clean air is the need of the hour,and if we care about our health and that of ourfamily’s, we must take stringent measures to monitor the air we breathe. Inshort, you need an air quality monitoring device.

Here is our take on what you must keep in mind beforeshortlisting an air quality monitoringdevice for your personal use.

Know thepurpose

When you buy a product, you must know what you need it forright? Well unless you are monitoring the compliance or doing some research,you would require this device to check if a certain place is fit for you andyour family. Check the sensitiveness of the gadget and its size. You wouldn’twant to carry a huge device around!

Durationof Usage

Is the device for a specific area or do you intend to use itfor long-term screening? A big, heavy device willnot help you if you intend to take it around. Taking into account thesteady increase in air pollution, we assume it would surely be the latter care.Go for a small, and portable yet sensitive and robust device which would helpyou analyze the pollution levels with precision.

Ease ofUse and Features

Your device must be able to quantify the air quality level in a short duration of time. This isimportant when you are traveling,andthere is a need to calibrate pretty quickly. You must be able to use the devicewithout having to look at the user manual every now and then.

The best device would be that which allows you to connect to theinternet or a mobile app. I particularlyfeel there is no use of monitoring something which can’t be changed!Imagine howgood it would be if your real-time data can help someone take measures inimproving the existing condition?


Well, the main intent is to ensure air quality doesn’t becomea luxury! Invest in a device that is within your budget and worth the money youspend.

But all this is what Ambeeis about! Yup, affordable, robust, portable and precise, you get it all at onego. But we are not bragging. Just check out our device, be our happy customerand you would say so yourself. What’s more? We not only help you monitor theair quality, but can also help you keep it healthy with our portable airpurifiers. Little drops make an ocean and together, we can make a cleaner andmore livable India!

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